Panchos: All about nachos

Try a new kind of Mexican food when you eat nachos. Find out everything you need to know about nachos here at Panchos. The first thing you need to know about nachos is that they are chips covered with a crispy cheese layer and a chili layer.

Then, you put all this on a platter and top it with your choice of edible items. Nachos have been around for a long time. In fact, nachos were invented in Tijuana, Mexico by a man named Jose Maria “Papa” Antonio Pellicer back in the 1920’s. At that time, he was serving them in a restaurant called El Palacio De Las Flores located right on the border between Mexico and the United States. Today, El Palacio still exists but it is now owned by his great-grandson, also named Jose Maria Pellicer. He is the one who decided to call them “nachos” instead of “little tacos.” Whatever. What you do is, you order some nachos as an appetizer or a snack or whatever and then, you get yourself some edibles to put on top of those nachos. You can have whatever kind of edibles you like. Find out what kinds people normally order by taking a survey at your next party. You know, a survey might not be such a bad idea.

1.In brief, here are the most common types of edibles people order when they eat nachos: * Chili * Salsa * Beans * Ground Beef * Shrimp * Olives * Cheese * Mushroom * Chicken * Crab * Sausage * Onions * Avocado * And so on… Now, here’s a few other things you should know about nachos:

2. Add water to the chips before you put the cheese on top and then turn up the heat and dry the chips until the cheese is completely melted.

3. Add chili powder and/or crushed red pepper flakes to the cheese layer if you want some extra heat.

4. Spread the chili layer thin so it will be crisp. If you make it too thick, the heat from the nachos will cause the chili to boil instead of caramelize. Also, don’t put so much chili on the nachos that when you bite into one, you get a mouthful of spicy food instead of a nice taste of cheese.

5. Top your nachos with whatever kinds of edibles you like best. This is the part where you exercise your judgment.

1.But remember this: The goal here is to create an edible platter, not a gourmet culinary masterpiece.

2. Eat the nachos right away! They are best when they are hot and fresh.

3. Keep the nacho platters coming. You’ll get a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” from your guests when they see how pretty and colorful the nacho platters are. In addition, it will be lots of fun to watch them eat.

4. Keep adding different kinds of nachos to your buffet line. Over and over and over, I keep telling you: Variety is the spice of life. Nachos are an easy way to add variety to any party or event. Give out little paper plates with a handful of chips on them so people can create their own platter. Have some extra cheese and chili lying around for those who want more. Make the whole thing a fun, interactive experience instead of a boring culinary ritual.

5. Serve nachos with something else on the side. This will cut down on the amount of nacho eating that goes on right in front of your guests’ eyes.