Panchos: What our customers are saying

Panchos: What our customers are saying

Hola amigos y amigas! Welcome to Panchos, where we deliver some of the best Mexican meals and drinks! Today, we’d like to share with you the reviews of our beloved amigos and amigas, to encourage you to have your lunch, dinner, or parties here at Panchos. We hope they’ve managed to convince you and may you enjoy your stay! 

Lana Callie Armstrong says:

‘Mexican food is new to me, so I didn’t know what to expect when I went here at Panchos. They looked really good in the pictures, and I’m happy to report that their taste is just as great! Filling, flavourful, and with a lot of variation, Mexican food is now my favourite kind of cuisine. I’ll be giving you guys a score of 5/5!’

Parnel Bettino Abrami says: 

‘Though I found the meals good, I think they can be a lot less salty. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy flavourful meals, but in my opinion, they’re a little salty for my taste. Regardless, I will be giving Panchos a solid 4 out of 5 stars!’ 

Aina Addie Ikin says:

‘I love the customer service the people at Panchos give me! They’re very happy to serve the people around them, and they’re patient with my grandfather who kept on asking questions about the meals. For that, I will always be grateful for Panchos. My grandfather and I would surely be coming back for more of your delicious Mexican meals.’

Raniero Boone Nakano says:

‘I always make it a point to be very critical of Mexican food. I am of half-Mexican descent, so I know if other cultures are cooking these meals right. Luckily, Panchos has been serving my childhood meals in the right way! They’re just as flavourful, salty, filling as we Mexicans make them. So if you’re looking for authentic Mexican meals, make sure to choose Panchos for your next dinner.’

Mikayla Raffaele Black says: 

‘If you’re looking for a great place to party at night, Panchos is the place to go! My girlfriends and I had loads of fun as we splurged our cash on some of the best cocktails and party snacks we’ve ever had! In addition to the great drinks and snacks, Panchos knows how to throw a great party with fun music and games to play. We’ll be back guys, thanks for the fun memories!’ 

Laurissa Rickey Lama says: 

‘I’m an alcoholic drink aficionado, and I love going to different Mexican restaurants to try out their different drinks. And wow! In addition to the usual delicious drinks, you’d find in most bars, Panchos knows how to make their delectable cocktails. They’re refreshing, sweet, and just the right amount of strong, anyone will surely love the drinks Panchos is serving. I’ll be giving the team 10/10 stars.’ 

Philomena Carlotta Nicolas says:

‘The great thing about Panchos is that they know how to experiment. The meals I’ve tasted here range from traditional Mexican meals to something new and experimental like their Sushi Taco. They even make drinks that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else! So if you’re a long-time Mexican cuisine fan, try some new meals here at Panchos!’