Panchos: The core values that drive us

Panchos: The core values that drive us

Panchos believes that it’s impossible to succeed if we don’t have any core values. This is because these values will guide us as a team to be at our best, and give customers like you excellent services. We value our relationship with you, so we always want to give only what you deserve.

To help us give you our best, we’d like to share with you these helpful values, and why they matter to us in our day-to-day operations. 


As a restaurant, this is the one we value the most. We value your health when you stay here at our restaurant, that’s why we’ve taught our team cleanliness procedures and important gear to wear to ensure that the food we’re serving you is always fresh and clean. 


Next, we want to ensure that you’re safe inside the restaurant. This is to make sure that you’re not only having fun, but you’re free from the anxieties of potential dangers.

Here are the ways that we accomplish this: 

  • Using natural ingredients for our meals
  • Using cleaning fluids free from toxic substances
  • Making sure that tables and chairs are sturdy
  • Ensuring that electrical outlets are safely covered up
  • Making sure our decor and other restaurant equipment is free of sharp edges and is not made of hazardous materials


When you visit Panchos, the first thing we want you to experience is the best hospitality we can give. Our team will always be there to answer all your questions, greet you like a person they’ve known all their life, and most importantly, treat you to only the highest quality meals. 

Supporting locals

We get our ingredients from local farmers to ensure they get help. We believe that these hardworking people deserve all the help that they get for the great work that they do. Their crops and meat are fresh and free from preservatives, so their products deserve to be supported. That way, not only are they getting what they need, we would also be serving you quality and healthy food. 


Mediocrity is the enemy of growth, that’s why we’re always finding new and creative ways to serve you better. That’s why we’ve hired different generations of chefs and marketers to bring different perspectives and ideas for better experiences. 


For us, we must fulfil all of your expectations. This is because we want to ensure that each memory you have here would always be filled with fun and good experiences. To help us continuously give you great quality of services, we would highly recommend that you share your reviews and suggestions. We’re very excited to know about your thoughts, and we can’t wait to apply them and swerve you better. 


However, none of these would matter if respect isn’t shared. That’s why we’ve taught our entire team different ways to show respect to everyone.

These ways include:

  • The proper way of talking and dealing with children and elders
  • Correct ways in dealing with the differently-abled
  • Forbidding cursing within the premises
  • Greet everyone like an old friend and with a comforting smile
  • Teaching offensive terms that need to be avoided.